Cannabis is one of the widest spread drugs in the world, for both recreational, and medicinal purposes. But, despite the population of cannabis lovers in the US, unfortunately there wasn’t really a location dedicated to their love of weed, where they can have a good time, and know they’re in safe hands – until now. The International Church of Cannabis is there for those who want to smoke, with an amazing atmosphere.

The story of the cannabis church has recently grabbed both non smokers, and cannabis enthusiast’s attention, and has caused an outstanding amount of controversy within civilians and the government, who tried to ban cannabis consumption in churches they day Denver’s International Church of Cannabis was founded. The 113-year old church was purchased for approximately $1 million by Steve Berke and Lee Malloy, was designed with a psychedelic theme by San Miguel, a Spanish pop artist, and opened on April 20th, 2017, the annual day of cannabis culture.

The church is now an attraction to many worship, and non-worshipers, but it is there to let people go on “their own spiritual journey, to connect with opened minded people, and find the best version of themselves.” known as elevationism. Since opening, the church’s membership list has increased from 50 to 500 people, which shows their idea of combining the two most important things in some’s lives, has become a huge success, and will continue to attract many God and cannabis enthusiasts.

The church is available Monday to Friday, 12 – 3pm to those over age 21, however there is no smoking allowed during these hours. The membership is free, although they hold a number of fundraising schemes and are open to donations, as well as including a Ninja Turtle themed gift shop and arcade games. On the weekend, member only events are held, where the consumption of cannabis is allowed, despite public consumption being illegal in Colorado, it is allowed within private residencies, so not only will you have a great time meeting other marijuana enthusiast’s, and go on a journey of finding yourself, it’s also a great way to avoid breaking the law.

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