The benefits of medical cannabis have been discussed for decades, and many countries have taken out extensive research of the drug, and legalised marijuana either on prescription or for recreational use after realising the positive effect it could have on the population.

In the UK, cannabis is completely illegal, leaving you with as little as a cannabis warning, to a maximum of 14 years in prison if caught with mass possession, dealing or trafficking, which is, let’s face it, both unnecessary and avoidable.

From the 2nd March 2015, driving whilst under the influence of cannabis is illegal, and could leave you prosecuted for 6 points, a fine or at worst – imprisonment.

  • A driving ban
  • Points your driving license
  • An unlimited fine
  • Prison sentence
  • A criminal record

On the 2nd May 2017 Jersey’s health minister announced that medical marijuana products will be available on prescription for specific illnesses by Autumn. The self-governing dependency of the United Kingdom, will become the first place in the United Kingdom to legalise cannabis for medicinal purposes, whilst cannabis used for recreational purposes will remain illegal, with the same prosecutions.

The UK government have recently announced that they recognise that cannabis could in benefit medical research, despite marijuana remaining illegal in the rest of the UK. After thorough research, countries in Europe such as Germany and Spain have recently come to the realisation of the possible medicinal and recreational advantages cannabis could have on the population, and legalised marijuana for medicinal and some recreational uses.

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