Cannabis seeds to be sold in foods including cereal, bread and pasta at Australian cafes

After extensive research, Australia and New Zealand’s health ministers have introduced the idea that low THC cannabis seeds should be sold in food such as cereals, bread, cakes, within restaurants and cafes, due to the positive health benefits that are possible by having cannabis infused food.

However, people have many different opinions on this matter, in which this new law could have a negative impact on the community, such as failing drug tests, and helping people avoid drug charges.

Hemp Foods, Australia, is one of the biggest hemp wholesalers in the world. Paul Benhaim, founder of the Hemp Foods, expects sales to quadruple within the next year, and explains that he is glad the government have ‘finally’ seen sense on the debate.

Although the seeds are for sale in certain shops, they have been marked unsafe for human consumption, until the new law is approved. Will Hodgman, Premier of Tasmania, has admitted his state is ready to induce the new law, as he has already agreed to prepare reforms, to make the produce of industrial hemp easier, as well as ‘provide greater security and longer-term contracts to farmer suppliers’

The law will take effect within six months after the final decision, however – there are other laws to take into consideration and alter before making the final call. However, after the law has taken place, it will make ideal business for both independent and mass distributers.

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