It has been announced recently that pharmacies will be distributing medicinal marijuana, and will be available on prescription for specific medical purposes in Uruguay, and are the first country to legalise cannabis, from production to distribution, despite already being illegal to grow in your homes and smoke in clubs.

Many Uruguayans have commented on the new law, describing it as “a great step forward in the evolution and citizens” and “it’s better, more efficient and safer”

However, there will be limits on the purchase of cannabis – customers sign up, input their fingerprint, to ensure they are unable to buy more than 40grams per month.

Many people have visited Uruguay specifically for the purpose of buying cannabis, but only Uruguayans or foreigners with permanent residency permits are able to sign up. Frante Amplio, a government party, have declared they will not allow cannabis tourism to intrude on their country.

Not only is it safer, it also “less than half the price on the black market” costing $1.30 per gram. Yamila stated “young people and kids will go anywhere to buy marijuana. It is very expensive and you don’t know what you’re taking” so legally distributing cannabis in a pharmacy seems the best option.

Despite most being happy about the new step in evolution, two thirds of Uruguay opposed the law, one being president Tabre Vasquez, who created anti-smoking legalisation. The government also presented videos, regarding the negative effects, and risks of cannabis use. However, the positives outcome it is believed to make a much stronger argument.

The recieps received by customers, withhold a phone number for information and support for drug problems and addictions, and limit purchase amounts to ensure it is used in a beneficial way only.

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