When people hear cannabis, it’s often many people first think of the recreational drug, known for its psycho affective side-affects. However, not many have heard of, or educated enough on the use and benefits of CBD oil. Cannabidiol is an ingredient in cannabis known for treating tumours, spasms, pain and much more.

The medicinal benefits of CBD, also known as medical cannabis, has been discussed and tested for years, and is a popular prescription in the certain locations within the US. However, it hasn’t been carried out by any medical professional within the UK, until recently. 11-year-old Billy Caldwell was the first to prescribed medical marijuana on the NHS, who has suffered from epilepsy since he was born, after being prescribed CBD oil in California, which was shown to have successful results on his illness.

Charlotte Caldwell, Billy’s mother, described the outcome as “incredible” before asking her GP, in the UK if they could prescribe him with the same CBD oil from his previous treatment, to which he agreed due to the “unique and unusual” circumstances, and Billy became the first ever NHS patient to receive medical marijuana.  Mrs Caldwell, was delighted, and extremely grateful for her doctor prescribing her son with CBD oil, as her only other option was to keep going to California to receive treatment.

The CBD oil was distributed by Green Light Medicines, a pharmaceutical start-up based in Dublin. Scientists have described marijuana as an “area of huge untapped potential” and further trials are being discussed, however this has caused a series of petitions and debates for both the pros and cons of medicinal cannabis.

However, it has also been said that Billy’s story does not prove the efficacy of medicinal cannabis, until they have carried out further tests, as multiple factors could have contributed in the patient’s recovery. As well as taking the correct marijuana, as many people overview cannabis as negative to its recreational uses and illegalisation.

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