Hemp is a non-psychoactive crop, and is one of the oldest organic materials, used for creating textiles, fabric and paper. It’s known for its miracle potentials in human, and animal health. But where can I get hemp health and beauty products in the UK?

Hemp is suggested, and proven to provide a-number of health benefits within humans and animals, with Cannabis prescribed for severe medical ailments within many locations in America, it is currently one of the biggest growing (pun intended) studies within medicine.

Even though cannabis and hemp is illegal in most places, many popular health and beauty stores, such as Holland and Barret’, as well as ‘The Body Shop’ have released a Hemp range in the UK, which includes hemp infused products such as creams, shampoo’s and makeup, as well as food supplements and protein shakes, which are advertised for their organic healing properties.

They distribute products such as face wash, which is suggested to provide softer, and clearer skin, capsules which include omega-3, a healthy vitamin for the brain, as well as CBD+ oil itself. Selling effectively, this shows that there is a huge fanbase of weed and beauty lovers in England, despite the law.

Carun, a store in London, is dedicated to creating hemp health and beauty products, after the founder Michal, suffered a serious injury, to which resulted in him losing three of his fingers. Carun have a wide range of CBD infused products, aimed at those who suffer, and used in the prevention from acne, scars, and burns, to psychosis, cancers, and digestion.

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