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Why Just Add Weed?

Just Add Weed are the leading cannabis news site in the UK, with our style and loyal audience, you’ll be sure to enter your journey of growing a fanbase that you love.

Who are the readers?

Just Add Weed have a wide fanbase of cannabis, and non-cannabis lovers, who react positively to our posts, leaving reviews and comments, as well as interacting with us, and sharing our articles.

What are the rules and requirements?

We’re not too strict! Here’s just a few tips to ensure a successful blog post.

• Must be relevant to Just Add Weed

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What’s in it for me?

Recognition – On a successful post, the readers of J.A.W will identify your voice, and understand what you’ve got to offer – gaining an audience, tips, and developing your skills through feedback – which could lead to further posts on other sites.

How will I know if my article is approved, or rejected?

We will email you once your article request has been either approved or rejected.

I have an idea for a post, but I don’t know what to execute it?

Feel free to pitch an idea! Give us any cannabis related topic you would like us to talk about, or leave us with a short summary, and we’ll get it covered as soon as possible!

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Once your article has been approved, depending on volume of blog post requests – we will aim to get your post up as soon as possible, usually within the next 1-3 days.

How do I ensure my article gets approved?

Following the rules and requirements, will massively benefit your chances of being approved, and published. Therefore. we recommend you follow these guidelines, to further the possibility of being on our next guest blog.

If you didn’t qualify to be on our guest blog, don’t panic! – These things happen.

We admire you took the time to write, and submit your article. There are a huge range of factors to be considered when choosing which posts to publish, therefore not everyone gets the chance first time. Don’t let this stop you from re-applying to write another blog post for us, even just by improving your last one!

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