CBD has been quietly discussed between cannabis enthusiasts for a long time, however, unfortunately- it hasn’t gone much further than that, until recently where places such as locations in America have legalised CBD on prescription for medical purposes. So, what is CBD? Were going to briefly discuss what cannabidiol is, where its from, and the potential uses.

What Is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is found in cannabis, believed to have medicinal and healing properties. CBD is the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, whereas THC – the component that most people recognise cannabis with, is used for recreational use. It is most popularly used for seizures, pain, inflammation and recently discovered – to shrink tumours, instead of chemotherapy.

Where is Cannabidiol Found?

Cannabidiol can be formed naturally or synthetically. Naturally, the CBD is extracted from the buds, seeds or stalk is mass production, and is the probably the safer, and healthier alternative out of the two.

Effects of Cannabidiol

Studies have shown that CBD has high medicinal properties, used as a treatment from pain, seizures, to curing cancers. It is suggested to include antioxidants, and although cannabis is illegal in most countries, in places like California – Scientists have studied the properties and beneficial outcomes which come with CBD consumption.

Cannabidiol Products

Over the past few years, hemp products have become extremely popular in health and beauty stores, for creams, diet supplements, shampoo and toothpaste – even in locations where cannabis is illegal. They’re suggested to aid in prevention, as well as curing

The Future of Cannabidiol

CBD has been studied for many years, however it hasn’t become a main source of treatment, despite all the evidence that suggests cannabidiol could be the next step in human health. Scientists will continue to study and research the benefits of CBD, and unlocking the potentials of medicinal cannabis – if any.

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