As you may know, there are many different forms, and methods of consumption for cannabis; some more beneficial than others, with everyone reacting differently these methods, it makes it difficult to determine whether cannabis is beneficial, or not. So, the question is, is cannabis good for you?

Cannabis has been researched for it’s potential, uses, and benefits in the medicinal world, and many countries around the world have realised the beneficial properties of cannabis, and legalised medical marijuana, to those they believe it will benefit, from temporarily reducing pain, to eradicating deadly cancer cells.

However, in many locations, people believe the negative effects of cannabis outweighs the good. This is often due to typical drug dealer scenarios, and the stereotypes that often come with cannabis smokers. Unfortunately, most street drugs come from unreliable sources, are chemically infused to induce an enhanced buzz, which hasn’t been thoroughly researched, and is potentially quite dangerous, and cannabis often falls into this category, which is why cannabis education is so important. But, the argument whether cannabis is actually good for you, goes on.

However, the difference between synthetic cannabis, normal cannabis, and medical cannabis is great – medical cannabis can be consumed in many different forms, often depending of the severity, and the illness itself. As expected, consuming cannabis through spliff’s, isn’t the best way to consume weed, as it contains tobacco, one of the biggest causes of cancer’s, and deaths in the world. Whereas CBD oil, the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, is proven to be massively beneficial to the human body, both preventing, and treating illnesses. Celebrities such as Whoopie Goldberg, who is a regular marijuana user herself, has created a range of cannabis infused, health and beauty products, aimed at women who suffer from menstrual pains.

There have been many cases in which people who suffer from headaches, to glaucoma, to severe cancers, have consumed cannabis as a last resort solution, and positively, and massively benefited them, despite their doctors advice to avoid cannabis, at all costs. However, as earlier stated, peoples bodies react differently to unknown substances, especially if it’s unsafe.

So whether cannabis is actually good for you is unclear, however, there are many different methods, statistics, and research that show some forms of marijuana is beneficial, and some not so beneficial.



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