Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is non-psychoactive component within the marijuana plant that has is suspected to have healing properties, and is highly beneficial within the medical world, despite being illegal in most places. But,who’d thought that CBD can be used for dogs anxiety?

Marianne, mother of two, gave her beloved pet – a Collie, English Bulldog cross, CBD oil infused dog biscuits, after suffering from severe anxiety and arthritis, and noticed the significant difference in her dog’s health within a couple of days, claiming that she has more “dog like behaviour” now.

43-year old Marianne claims she has smoked cannabis for recreational purposes for over 30 years, and explains that it has nothing but advantaged her and her wellbeing over the decades. She also wants to promote the ‘many health benefits’ of cannabis and CBD oil – for man and dog alike.

The 10-year old, rescue dog, Honey, was extremely nervous, and suffered stiffness and painful encounters, due to her severe arthritis, which made it extremely difficult to take up simple tasks like walks in the park. Honey’s vet had not recommended CBD oil as it is illegal in the UK, however due to many other cases where cannabidiol has significantly improved human and dog health, Marianne gave it a try, in which the vet is still unaware of.

Marianne explains ‘Before I started giving her the CBD she would always stay away from people with other dogs when we were out on walks. She would snarl and bark because she was so nervous.’ However, since consuming CBD she is much ‘friendlier and playful’.

Marianne has begun a cannabidiol infused diet since her doctors became concerned with her high dose of medication, which includes inserting a few drops into her coffee, and explains it has aided her in a more active lifestyle, as well as reducing her medication intake.

She creates the dog biscuits by inserting a couple of drops of CBD oil into the simple treat mixture, and freezing them, which lasts up to six months. As expected, this has caused some controversy within the public eye, with some explaining that it’s cruel, and unsafe, to which she replied, ‘It’s not going to work for everyone, and if she didn’t want to eat the biscuits I wouldn’t give them to her.’ And recommends CBD as a treatment for arthritis and anxiety, within dogs or humans.

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