Michal Takac, an entrepreneur from England, lost three fingers, due to them being crushed in an industrial printing machine, to which he suffered severe deformities to his hands, and agonising pain. After doctors prescribed Michal with an overwhelming amount of prescription drugs, creams, and therapies, he was still not satisfied with the result, as the pain and soreness had not subsided.

The pain was so excruciating, it came to a last resort situation, where Michal decided to research Cannabidiol, which is known for its many medicinal, healing, and therapeutic properties. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive ingredient found in Marijuana, which has extremely high potential in the medicinal world. After religiously applying CBD oil to his injuries, he quickly noticed the benefits, as the condition of his deep scar tissue began to improve, and pain, inflammation and discomfort was significantly reduced, and he knew his road to recovery had begun.

Michals aim is to raise awareness on the both current, and potential benefits and uses of CBD.  “I have friends with children who have autism and they have started taking CBD oil, and after three weeks, it’s amazing when you see a child making eye contact, when they have never done that before.”  However, not enough research is being done, despite the evidence of positive benefits it provides, and it’s hard to encourage people, when cannabis is automatically looked down on by many.

As well as many other celebrities, health shops, entrepreneurs, after realising CBD’s miracle potential, Michal decided to invest his money into creating, and releasing a range of hemp and cannabidiol infused health and beauty products, which are sold online and in popular health stores, in and around London.

Michal’s products are mainly aimed at those who suffer from ailments such as eczema, sores, cuts, scars, acne, epilepsy, psychosis, nausea, depression, seizures, and inflammation. There are many cases in which people, and animals, have consumed cannabidiol to cure severe illnesses as serious as Cancer, Autism, and seizures, and been successful, however, CBD is to continue to be researched in relation to many other health benefits, and thanks to CBD, Michal, along with many others, no longer has to suffer the physical, and mental pain due to severe accidents, illnesses, and diseases.

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