As you may know, there are numerous amounts of ways to consume cannabis, some for recreational use, and some for medical purposes. These are the most popular ways of taking marijuana.


Yeah, you guessed it – For decades, the most popular way to consume cannabis is smoking a joint, despite not being the healthiest alternative, this is probably the easiest, cheapest, and less time consuming way of smoking cannabis. The paraphernalia is also cheap, and easy to find, even where cannabis is legal (rizla, roach, and grinder).


Blunts carry the same factors as smoking a joint, however – besides looking different in colour, and maybe being a little harder to roll for some – blunts are available in an uncountable amount of exotic, earthy and yummy flavours, which is usually the main point of consuming cannabis in a blunt.


Bongs are another popular choice of smoking cannabis, although still not a healthier alternative of consuming cannabis – you do avoid tobacco and rolling papers. They’re usually made out of glass or plastic, and are either see through, plain coloured, or patterned, with can make the smoking experience all the more fun.


What could possibly be better than combining the two best things in the world? Cannabis and desserts. Although, many stoners believe edibles to be a dangerous game, due to the time it takes to have effect, hence why many smokers consume them on rare occasions. Before you know it, you’ve eaten a whole tray of delicious brownies, only to be taken to space in about 30 minutes.


Capsules usually contain CBD oil, so they’re more on the medicinal side of things, providing many health benefits to either prevent, or cure illness, but – that’s a whole nother subject (see other posts on Just Add Weed). Anyhow, capsules can be altered to containing pure, grounded cannabis, which is known for giving a potent effect.


With new technology, vaporising has become extremely popular in the smoking community, even attracting non smokers. Although cannabis vape hasn’t quite yet taken over the cannabis world, it’s surely begun. It is seen as a much healthier alternative to smoking joints and bongs, as you are avoiding tobacco and paper, as well as it being less messy, easier to conceal, and the fun smoking tricks you can practice, which you would probably cough your lungs up with on a joint or blunt.


Dabbing is another popular form of consuming cannabis which is done with resin, a hard, yellow material extracted from juicing down cannabis buds, stalks and seeds, and melted into a waxy consistency, into a ‘dab ring’ and inhaled. It contains the same psychoactive compound (THC) as most cannabis consumption methods, and is known for it’s instant, and potent effects.


Pipes are extremely popular for mainly experienced stoners, who can handle a harsh hit, similar to dabbing, or a bong. They come in a range of different materials, such as wood, metal, and glass, which all offer different advantages, and disadvantages. Glass being most preferred, as it doesn’t get as hot, they’re see through, come in cool designs and give a fresh, clean hit. However, they are expensive, and of course – very fragile.

So, that was the top 10 most popular ways of consuming cannabis. What’s your favourite? Or have you got any other methods on consumption? Let us know in the comments below!

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