Cannabis is legal for medicinal and scientific purposes only, and for personal use only within certain areas in the AU, as well as being allowed to grow up to two plants, in a private residency only.


Cannabis is legal in 10 provinces, for medicinal and scientific purposes only. The consumption, possession or purchase of marijuana for personal use unless prescribed by a doctor or professional is illegal, and will leave you with a punishment of a prison sentence.

South Africa

Cannabis in South Africa have been illegal since 1922, however regulations were lifted to personal use within only in 2017. Supply and public use will


Jamaica is known for its high number of cannabis enthusiasts. Since 2015, you can legally possess up to 2 ounces, or 5 cannabis plants within a private residency, for personal use only. You cannot distribute marijuana to the public, as you could face prosecution.


Since 1994, you can possess up to 22g, or up to 20 plants of cannabis, strictly for personal use only. However, if you’re prescribed cannabis a treatment from a doctor, there are no limitations on the amount you can have. If you possess over the stated amount, you will not be prosecuted unless you are believed to be possessing with intent to supply.


The prime minister of Canada has legalised the use of medicinal marijuana to be prescribed from your doctor from Spring, 2017. However, the ministers of each individual province must decide on how it is distributed to customers,


The cannabis law in Chile, has significantly become more lenient over the years. In 2005, marijuana was decriminalised. Since 2014, you can possess cannabis for medical purposes only, if prescribed by Chilean Agriculture Service. From 2015, you are able to cultivate marijuana for personal or collective reasons. Cannabis medication has been introduced on prescription in pharmacies to the public. In 2016, the house of Congress approved the growth of cannabis within private residencies for recreational or medical purposes.


Pharmacies in Uruguay are going to be selling cannabis for recreational use from 2016. To purchase marijuana from a store, you must be Uruguayan, or have a permanent residency permit in Uruguay in order to prevent cannabis tourism, and well as being limited to the amount you can buy per month, to prevent people possessing cannabis in a negative way.


Due to the size and different areas of the USA, each state has different laws of the possession and consumption of marijuana, however more than half of the states within American have legalised cannabis for medicinal purposes. Places like Colorado, have legalised cannabis for recreational use, and is now available to buy in shops, whereas in California, you must be prescribed cannabis by your doctor as a treatment for severe illnesses. However, in states such as New York, cannabis is completely illegal, and could leave you with a hefty sentence if caught in possession of marijuana.


Possession of cannabis for personal use is legal in Portugal since 2001. You can have up to what is considered a “10-day supply” otherwise you can face prosecution.


Cannabis clubs are legal, and have been popular in Spain since the early 90’s. You are also allowed to grow cannabis in your own private residency, as long as it’s for your own consumption only. However, more than 100g is considered possession with intent to supply, and could face a hefty fine, along with a prison sentence, depending on the community in which you are caught.


Germany have legalised medicinal marijuana to be prescribed from your doctor to patients suffering from severe illnesses as a treatment only. Intent to supply to the public is illegal, and will leave you with a criminal prosecution.


The Netherlands is known for its popular coffeeshops and cannabis enthusiast’s however, like most places – they still have strict laws on the drug. You can possess up to 5g of cannabis from a store, however will be confiscated if caught with possession in public. Only coffeeshops are allowed to distribute cannabis to customers, and plants will be destroyed is growing in private or public residency.


From 2011, cannabis was partly legalised, allowing prosecutors the option to imprison and penalty the offender or not, depending on the amount you possess and amount of offenses, which could leave you with up to 12 year’s imprisonment.

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