Cannabis is often known for counteracting short term memory, however, new research has proven different. So, can cannabis improve your memory?

It turns out, the chemical found in cannabis which is the main reason for recreational use, could improve memory and learning within older adults, as it does rodents. Recent studies have suggested that the component Tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC, found in marijuana, has significantly improved memory in older mice.

Scientists tested the mice’s memory after consuming THC, which acted as a performance enhancer, as their organisation skills were suited to those of a young rodent, who had not consumed any drugs. However, when the mice pups consumed THC, they didn’t execute the task as well as they did when sober.

Scientist, and author Andras Bilekei-Gorzo proposed the idea of collecting 100 volunteers, aged 60-70, to see if similar effects occurred within them. “THC restored the cognitive ability of the old mice to the level of the young ones,” Even though marijuana is known for its ‘forgetful’ effects and properties within humans.

It is suggested that cannabis has unlocked potential within the medicinal world, and the truth is – we won’t know the answer until marijuana is thoroughly tested and studied. “This means that the possibility of doctors potentially prescribing, cannabis THC or similar compounds for memory problems in older people is still a long way off.” However, if successful, THC could play a huge role in the treatment of serious illnesses such as dementia.

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