Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, which has been suspected and shown to provide many health benefits. Many countries have recently acted on the realisation of the beneficial uses of CBD oil within humans, and have allowed it to be available upon prescription, or purchased from pharmacies. But, whats the positive effect of CBD use in Dogs?

Evidence of CBD

We often we hear miracle stories of patients using cannabidiol as treatment for pain, seizures and cancers and seeing their health increase significantly, with some being completely cured. However, using CBD oil within dogs have opened a whole ‘nother wormhole for us, as our beloved pets are also prone to suffering from aggressive tumours, ailments and pain that could be totally avoided, as well as saving us a costly vet bill.

Studies have shown that cannabinoids are able to stop cells dividing and cause harmful cells to die, and although evidence shows that CBD provides many positives to support our wellbeing, some scientists do not agree or have not deeply researched enough to suggest that cannabidiol is actually beneficial to human and dog health, despite the evidence of previous cases within cancer patients. Therefore, cannabis has not been legalised within certain locations of the world. However, most scientists know that cannabis has unlocked potential, and could be the next step in medical treatment for all species.

Beats Alternatives

The current, legal treatment for cancer is chemo and radiotherapy, which is known for its devastating side effects – which can massively affect both your mental and physical health. Statistics show that only 50% of cancer patients survive after going through the chemotherapy process, or encountering reoccurring cancers, as well as costing a huge sum, which could have been better spent enjoying your last days.

Humans and Dogs

We know that our human bodies are much different to a dog’s, and unfortunately, although studies show that human cancers and health ailments can be treated by CBD consumption, there haven’t been enough cases of using Cannabidiol as a treatment for dogs, therefore could possibly be more harmful than undergoing chemotherapy. So, although doctors and vets would advise you not to consider using cannabidiol as a treatment, if you use it as a last resort – you could be saving both yours and many other beloved animals lives. However, there have been cases in which people have given their beloved pets small doses of CBD as a treatment for severe illnesses, and the cannabidiol has worked successfully, and positively benefited the animals wellbeing, although, unfortunately, this may not work for everyone.


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